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Abs Blast

Our Ab Blast Class is a highly intensive 30-minute HiiT-based session which specifically targets the abdominal and oblique areas of the body. The classes comprises both standing and mat-based exercises, each of which lasts 30-40 seconds followed by a 20-30 second rest period.. 

Every class is structured and begins with a short warm-up followed by 20 minutes of fast paced, high impact exercises. The classes are usually attended by 10-15 people of mixed abilities. 

To maximise the benefits from Ab Blast we recommend combining it with one of our Fitness Yoga classes or a gym workout – see for more details. 

Bring plenty to drink and be prepared to sweat! 

Want to know if a HiiT class is for you? 

  • HiiT stands for high intensity interval training.  It’s great for building up your endurance as it adapts to the cellular structure of your muscles which in turn helps to boost your performance for other gym or general exercises. In fact, a recent study from the “Journal of Physiology” found that eight weeks of HiiT classes boosted endurance and allowed people to double the length of time they could ride a bike at the same pace. 
  • Short on time?  A HiiT class is great if your time is limited as it burns calories and fat in a shorter time.  You can burn more calories doing 15 minutes of high intensity interval training than jogging in the gym on a treadmill for an hour.   
  • How does a HiiT fitness session work?  Each class works the body hard and explosively, allowing you a recovery interval afterwards.  Alternating between highly intensive workouts and short resting periods trains the body into efficiently using its energy stores.
  • Alternating a HiiT class with short periods of rest gives your muscles time to remove toxic waste.  You will also find that your breathing will become more effective. 
  • Because you consume more oxygen than in non-interval workouts your metabolism rate increases from approximately 90 to 144 minutes following each session.  With an increased metabolism comes the ability to burn more calories which is the result we all want to see. 
  • After a HiiT workout your body’s repair cycle goes into overdrive. Even after you have finished your body goes on burning calories and fat for 24 hours after the class has ended. 
  • Lose fat not muscle.  A HiiT workout uses the body as a weight training aid so if you are dieting, you preserve muscle gain whilst losing fat. 
  • Most people think that to achieve great results in fitness training you must have an extreme training regime. However, it can be hard for most people to push themselves to the limit where their hearts pound and they lose their breath.  Because a HiiT class has a rest period following the intense high impact exercise, most people can push themselves which is good for a healthy heart. 
  • For fitness addicts looking for a new challenge and beginners that want quick results then give a HiiT workout a go, you definitely won’t regret it! 

For more information about our AbBlast Class and how it might benefit you, call our fitness team on 01691 684840.

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