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Body Blast

Welcome to The Venue’s Body Blast fitness class.  

If you’re looking for a group fitness class that is fun and intense and the gym is not your thing, this could be perfect for you 

Body blast is a 30 minute HiiT based fitness class that targets the whole body. The class normally comprises 10 to 15 members of mixed ability and runs every Monday at 7.15pm. It features both standing and mat exercises including 30-40 second sets of intense exercise followed by 20-30 second rest time.  

Each class starts with a warm up followed by 20 minutes fast paced exercise for maximum impact. 

Our regulars love it. The classes are fun and challenging and, regardless of your fitness level, you’ll come out feeling amazing.  

Combine this class with Fitness Yoga or a gym workout for the best benefits. 

Ask any member of our gym staff or call for more information. 

What is Hiit? 

HiiT stands for high intensity interval training. 

Hiit is really hot right now and the good news is, it’s not a FAD. This is a form of exercise that is backed up by science and delivers great results. Many fitness classes use this format and an increasing number of people are including it into their workouts. 

HiiT has many benefits – 

Burns Calories 

Tests have shown that intense exercise over short periods (up to 30 seconds) burns more calories than steady exercises such as walking, cycling or swimming which usually takes place for periods of 35 minutes or more. This makes it much easier to fit a HiiT workout into your busy life. 

Increases Metabolism 

Not only does HiiT burn calories and fat at a faster rate, but it also boosts metabolism, builds endurance and helps to lose weight. 

There are other benefits too. By losing fat, you keep or build muscles as well as losing weight. It also makes your heart stronger for longer term health benefits. 

HiiT is here to stay. It works because it doesn’t matter how fit you are or how often you train. As long as you are working intensely then you will see some amazing results.  

And don’t forget the buzz. After an intense workout the body releases endorphins which make you feel happy and relaxed. So not only is HiiT training good for the body, it’s good for the soul too!  

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