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Circuit training has been around since the start of fitness classes and gyms. It works because it combines body weight and cardio exercises for an overall body workout.

Including warm up and warm down, each fitness class runs for 45 minutes (a little shorter than the average gym workout.) But boy, do we pack a lot in and you will definitely feel the benefit. 

Each class normally has 10-15 participants and accommodate all fitness levels and abilities.  

It starts with a warm up which helps to avoid injuries. This is followed by a circuit of different exercises, focusing on different parts of the body or holistic, total body activities.  

The circuit comprises 30-40 seconds of intense exercise followed by a 30 second recovery. Perfect if you want to lose weight, get fit or just blow off steam. 

The classes finish with warm downs to stretch muscles and flush out lactic acid to reduce any aching or sore feelings normally experienced the day after intense workouts.  

Not only does our circuit class help you to get fit and burn calories, it embraces HiiT training which increases metabolism and provides many other fitness and overall health benefits 

But what exactly is Hiit Training? 

High Intensity Interval Training. It has taken the fitness world by storm and is used by professional athletes and gym goers alike. 

HiiT is also backed by scientists who found that, when working intensely, athletes burnt more calories and performance improved. It was also found that their metabolisms increased and stayed higher for extended periods of time – sometimes for more than 24 hours. 

Why is that important? Because if the metabolism is higher, then more calories are burnt. This also helps those trying to manage or lose weight. 

HiiT also increases heart efficiency and releases endorphins which improves your mood whilst simultaneously helping to burn fat and build muscle. 

Most importantly, HiiT is practical and provides a full workout, including warm-up and warm-down, in 45 minutes or less.  

In addition, many people supplement HiiT circuits with their usual gym workouts. Others prefer to combine HiiT with session of Fitness Yoga. 

Either way, HiiT circuits are fun, challenging and deliver great results. Contact us on 01691 684 840 for more information about our classes.

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