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Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Our Fitness Yoga class is a 30-minute session using mainly standing Yoga postures to improve strength and flexibility. It is suitable for most levels of fitness but not recommended for those with serious joint complaints. When done on a regular basis this class improves strength especially in the upper body.  Each class has approximately 10-15 participants. 

We do not recommend Fitness Yoga if you have joint or injury problems and, due to the nature of some of the exercises, it is not a remedial class. 

To get the most benefit out of Fitness Yoga we recommend combining it with a Blast class or a gym workout – see for more details. 

A Yoga mat is provided but please feel free to bring your own if you have one.  We also recommend that you bring plenty to drink and something warm to wear at the end of the class. 

Fitness Yoga combines the benefits of traditional Hatha yoga exercise with general aerobic and anaerobic exercises. In a series of flowing poses, this class helps strengthen, tone and stretch your muscles.  It provides you with flexibility and endurance using the breath to connect the mind and body.   

Fitness Yoga not only brings physical benefits. It also helps improve your mental state of mind allowing you to achieve a balance that compliments other areas in your life. 

If you would like to start this class but are unsure if its suitable for you please contact one of our fitness team 01691 684 840 for a chat.

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