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Pyjama Drama

Pyjama Drama is lots of fun, Pyjama Drama is for everyone, we love to sing and we love to play. Drama is for every day!

Pyjama Drama is all about pretend, play and imagination along with a blend of music, movement, new songs, games and creative play. Children are encouraged to express themselves both verbally and through facial expression and body language. One day we will be swinging in the trees with the monkeys, riding a bike with an octopus, a surprise journey to the jungle and driving our car along a bumpy track!

Pyjama Drama helps develop confidence helping the shyest of little ones to build self-esteem to fully take part in the sessions. Pyjama Drama is a creative start in life and the opportunity to learn about the world using pretend play to enhance their creative and social skills. We encourage parents to join in and have lots of fun with your child and see them grow in confidence week by week. So from the shy to the extrovert your child will love you joining in, singing, pretending and playing games that you can also play at home.

The classes are age differentiated so that every child has the best possible experience. The age ranges are roughly as follows;

Dewdrops start at six months and move up to Raindrops when they are just beginning to use their imaginations (at around two years)

Raindrops are older toddlers and move up to the next class when their imaginations burst in to full bloom!

Rainbows: preschool children up to five years old

Sunbeams: five to seven years old

Every child is completely individual and no two children develop exactly the same, these ranges are very flexible.

New classes will be set up in the coming months therefore if you are interested in Pyjama Drama and can’t make our current days please contact me.

Class Times:

Fridays – 9.50 – 10.20 (Dewdrops), 10.30 – 11.10 (Raindrops) & 11.20 – 12.00 (Rainbows)


Come along for a three week trial for £12 and see how your child grows with confidence and has lots of fun.

Please note Pyjama Drama does not run during school holidays.

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